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Commercial Fuel Oil

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Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

Gas Oil, or Red Diesel is used by our industrial, commercial, agricultural and construction customers in a wide variety of uses from heating right through to tower cranes, excavators, diggers, tractors etc.

Also commonly referred to as:
35 Second Heating Oil, Medium Diesel, Tractor Diesel, Generator Fuel

Diesel (Derv)

Diesel, also known as derv, is suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine, such as trucks, cars and vans. Derv is most commonly used by our customers operating businesses in the transport and delivery industry sector.

Also commonly referred to as:
Diesel Engined Road Vehicle, White Diesel, ULSD, Road Diesel


Kerosene, or Burning Oil, is a regular grade Kerosene, refined to a high quality, having very good burning characteristics

It is recommended for domestic heating appliances with external and balanced flues, vapourising flame burners and pressure jet boilers. Its clean burning characteristics maintain a high heat output and maximum economy.

Kerosene exceeds the requirements of the relevant British Standard Specification BS 2869 Class C2 and contains chemical markers in accordance with Customs and Excise requirements